Fall Chores to Ensure Your Home is Winter-Ready

By: Marc Jurman

Fall Chores to Ensure Your Home is Winter-Ready

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Now that the leaves are falling, you’re probably busy enjoying the sights and aromas of the autumnal season and aren’t really interested in thinking about what’s coming next: winter!

Unfortunately, as a Canadian homeowner the winter season is not one you can ignore. Even if you plan to go south to escape the snow, your home still needs to be ready.

Outdoor chores


According to The Weather Network, Canada is supposed to have a nice, long fall. This means you’ve got plenty of time to finish up your outdoor chores before the snow and bitter cold temperatures come.

For starters, you need to clean out the eavestroughs of leaves and other debris. Your eaves are supposed to drain water away from your home, so when it can’t drain, rainwater and melting snow could potentially leak into your home. Also make sure your downspouts are positioned away from the house.

Now that gardening season is effectively over, it’s time to remove the hose and drain all outdoor taps. Any remaining water in the pipes could freeze, resulting in a burst. Prevent flooding by taking this necessary precaution.

If you have painted siding on your house, check for wear and tear, such as cracking and peeling. Fall is a good season to paint your home, as the temperature is just right. Sand it down and repaint so that it will be dry and set before winter.

Indoor chores

Make sure all your windows and doors are sealing properly. You don’t want any air leaks that could result in cold air coming in, hot air escaping, and heating bills going way, way up. Making sure you have proper insulation in key areas can save you money and keep you comfortable.

The change of season is also a good reminder to check and/or change the batteries on your smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm. When windows are shut, you’re not getting as much fresh air in your home as you do during the warmer months, so you want your detectors working well so that you will be alerted at the first sign of trouble.

Get cozy

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, make sure you clean out the chimney before using it to ensure it’s safe and ready for winter. It can be so nice to curl up in front of a crackling fire at home on a cold day, so make sure when you need it, it’s ready to use.

You also need to check and prepare your furnace and/or boiler to check that it’s in good working order. If there are any issues, you want them repaired before winter comes and you really need the heat to work.


Once your chores are done, you can feel good knowing you’re ready to hibernate all warm and cozy in your home (or in Florida) and not have to worry about any easily preventable problems.

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